About Project

Against the backdrop of a rapidly deteriorating economic situation in Belarus, tension within society is growing. It is important that a complex image of Belarus that goes beyond the label of ‘the last dictatorship in Europe’ is being created. Countries of Visegrad group as former members of the communist camp have the best understanding of the challenges Belarus is facing today. We hope for their assistance to the international community to understand the socio-economic realities, as well as human rights challenges in Belarus.

Project envisages holding of a series of round table discussions with participation of four experts from Belarus on economic, political, media and social issues followed by press conferences in European capitals: Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Berlin and Brussels over a one-week period in 2012 in order to raise awareness of the European countries and in particular of the countries of Visegrad group about ongoing issues in Belarus.

As Belarusian civil society struggles to have its voice heard within Belarus, the project will contribute to Belarusian voices to be heard within Europe thereby making them feel that they have the support of the European community.